Book: The Story of Aqualead

The Story of Aqualead: A New Healing Energy for a New Earth

Published: December 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9936322-0-4

eISBN: 978-0-9936322-1-1

Publisher: Silgerond Press


Emergentus - Andromedan Magic


Emergentus is a new system of Andromedan magic.   It is not a healing modality but rather a very powerful energy system which comes in a vast array of information and knowledge, divided in various subjects and levels.   Emergentus is practised by using spells, wands, amulets, symbols and other manifestation techniques.  For Aqualead Masters only (level III).  Facebook page:


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Emergentus Andromedan Magic (Public)


Emergentus - Magia Andromedana

Emergentus es un Nuevo Sistema de magia de Andrómeda.  No es una técnica sanadora, pero un sistema de energía con  una gran cantidad de contenido e información. Emergentus se practica con hechizos, varitas, símbolos, y otras herramientas de manifestación. Solo para maestros de Aqualead (tercer nivel). Pagina en Facebook:

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First Aqualead Masters in the UK


The UK now has its very own Aqualead masters in Wales!..  Nadja Rose Kill and her husband Steve are now able and available to teach Aqualead classes on their 16-acre farm in Gwynfe, Wales, near Llangadog.   Their place is located in Brecon Beacons National Park, at the foot of the Black Mountain.


Contact: Nadja Rose Kill


Mobile: 07894273616 


Nadja is also a Reiki master and offers healing sessions; she is also a hypnotherapist and does past life regressions.

River Song Nature Retreat


New Facebook groups:


Aqualead UK group



Congratulations to the 32 new Aqualead practitioners initiated in Reykjavik, Iceland on Sept. 9 - 13, 2012.. Of these groups, 19 became the first Aqualead Masters there.. Congratulations!!



Aqualead for Kids Program

For ages 5 - 16 yrs

*Parental consent and presence required.
Crystals for kids: aquamarine, tiger's eye, citrine, turquoise, rose quartz and clear quartz.

Aqualead level I (minumum age 5 yrs)
Child learns two symbols (Elleb and Enqui), practices drawing them, crystals, how to practice Aqualead, receives the level I attunement, sends distant healing to living beings.

Aqualead level II (minimum age 6 yrs*)
Child learns two symbols (Dava and Janta), practices drawing them, crystals, receives the level II attument, sends distant healing to the environment.

* children of age 7 and up with Aqualead level I should wait at least 6 months before moving to level II

** Noldu is omitted for young children; young children with Aqualead level II can later learn Noldu and be attuned to it.

*Minimum age for Noldu: 12 yrs. Aqualead level III-Master (Minimum age: 16 yrs)
Taught as an adult course to young adults only.
Note: In the Aqualead for Kids program, young students (Aqualead I - II) only lean the color, crystal, animal and flower of each symbol.

Sabine Blais
October 26, 2017

Programa Aqualead para Niños
Para los 5 - 16 años

*Consentimiento y presencia de los padres obligatorios
Cristales para los niños: aguamarina, ojo de Tigre, citrino, turquesa, cuarzo rosa y cuarzo claro.

Primer nivel de Aqualead (edad minímo 5 años)
Aprende dos simbolos (Elleb y Enqui), como dibujarlos, los cristales, como practicar Aqualead, recibe la iniciación nivel I, mandar Aqualead a distancia a los seres vivos.

Segundo nivel de Aqualead (edad minímo 6 años*)
Aprende dos simbolos (Dava y Janta), como dibujarlos, los cristales, recibe la iniciación nivel II, mandar Aqualead a distancia al medio ambiente.

* Los niños de 7 anos y mas con Aqualead nivel I deben esperar al menos 6 meses antes de empezar nivel II

** Noldu no se enseña a los chicos; los chicos con Aqualead nivel II pueden aprender y iniciarse a Noldu más tarde.
*Edad minimo para Noldu: 12 años. Maestría de Aqualead (III) (Edad minímo: 16 años)se enseña el curso para adultos a los adultos jovenes.
Sabine Blais
26 de Octubre, 2017
Nota: En el programa de Aqualead para Niños (niveles I - II), los alumnos aprenden solo el color, cristal, animal y flor de cada simbolo.





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